Friday, July 18, 2008

so i'm kind of bored...

Here is a list of band names where one word is replaced by a name

Jack Flag
Minor Brett
Hüsker Lou
Brad Brains
Thad Religion
Pete Happening
Joe Age
Broken Social Eugene
Arab Don Radar
Mark Psychosis
Bikini Bill
Roy Division
Drew Cheer
Ray Z
Sam 69
Redd Ross
Wu-Tang Dan
Rex Pistols
Grateful Ned
Fred Kennedys 
Ted Meadow
Ron Caballero
Le Doug
Zack Sabbath
Built To Phil
Claire Ubu
The Moe! Team
The Lars Volta
Circle Takes the Blaire
Green Mae
Sonic Ruth (thanks krisan)
Paige Against the Machine (thanks shannon)
Scott Water Music (thanks again shannon)

if someone thinks of some more please let me know. I have a serious lack of girl's names. 


Fiasco said...

what is mark psychosis for????

krisan said...

sonic ruth!!!

Fiasco said...

bark psychosis

Shannon said...

Paige Against the Machine

Scott Water Music

Joe Holmes said...

Ed Zeppelin

Banzai said...

I got some:
Aphex Lynn
Average Dwight Band
Clark Psychosis (Bark Psychosis)
Be Your Own Chet
The Birthday Artie
Blind Idiot Todd
Christian Beth
Cypress Jill
De La Cole
Delinquent Rabbits (it doesn't follow the rules, but it's fucking funny)


Banzai said...

Oh whoops, didn't notice you already had bark psychosis

Starscream said...

Hope Of The Kates
Stan(imal) Collective

Starscream said...

Joe La Tengo
The Hold Freddy
Panic At The Sisqó

Dave said...

Man or Astro Fran?

the oblitterati said...

Nick's on Speed

Dave said...

Guns n Moses
Snoop Doggie Doug
The Mighty Mighty Boss Joans
(No relation to the Rolling Joans)

Anonymous said...

House of Jane
Talking Neds
Sun City Earls
and don't forget The Smiths' album "Cletus Murder"

Anonymous said...

Pat the Drive-In
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Ted
Alex is on Myer
Irene's of the Stone Age
Godspeed You! Jack Emperor
The Bills Have Eyes