Thursday, January 22, 2009



Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i just saw notorious. It ruled. But then again i think i'm only saying that because i'm a huge biggie fan. a lot of the acting and "plot" sort of sucked.

but nonetheless it ruled. I almost cried at the end. here is biggie demolishing when he was 17


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Home/Providence, RI

The drive to providence from boston was really short. Once we got there we hung out with Josh Brown's friend Brian. He lives in this awesome silo-tower thing right next to a giant flea market. We went out quickly to grab some breakfast of chinese food, then came back. He has sweet instruments in his house so we also jammed a lot. Julian and I played this game that was like Risk but only with American wars. You are always america.

We got to RISD and it was freeeezing out. We loaded all of our stuff in and met Jackie, who booked the show. We had a nice quick and easy soundcheck and hung out a little bit with Future Islands & The Long Shadows. We also saw our friend who graduated last year, so that was also cool.

The show was great. There were a fuckload of people there and everybody seemed into it. Later we also ran outside to go to this really tiny diner that's like a staple of providence called the Haven Brothers Diner. It's really fucking small and fantastic. Kind of expensive but worth it. Their coffee is also incredible.

I actually took that photo last time we were there.

a happy customer

After the show we slept at Jackie's friend Liz's house which was awesome. We talked for a long time about my shitty math teacher, graphic designers, computers, and life in general. it was fun.

Today we woke up late because it was snowin' like a motha and then ate at this cool diner called Louis'. They had the best hashbrowns i've ever eaten. After a long sleepy drive we are finally back in new york and i'm going to sleep.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Boston/Jamaica Plain

We just woke up in Jamaica Plain, MA after a crazy crazy house show.

After a near 5 hour traffic-filled drive. We pulled up to the house and played. Keep in mind it's also like 5˚ out. Our friends from Allston Paddy & Steve came out so it was really really cool to see them. The house we played at actually looked exactly like the inside of Paddy's place, which was weird, but cool. We met this awesome dude with an insane boston accent, who happened to look like this dude we know. This awesome drunk comedian gave us a little of her routine which was hilarious. We also hung out a little bit with this dude we used to know Shane, who used to be in this band called TV Eye.

Anyway so we played a craazyyy show. There weren't too many people in the basement when we first started to play but as time passed lots more people showed up. But then, once we played war pigs, everyone went totally apeshit. I have never been knocked around at a show like that before. It was insane. After War pigs everybody went CRAZY for every song, was ridiculous. We even did an unplanned encore which is something we've never really done before.

We slept at the promoter Daniell's house and watched a bit of American Pyscho. Actually as i'm typing we're finishing it.

All in all, 'twas a great day. Now we leave for providence, RI

Sunday, January 11, 2009





(click on that to download the single)

the new split single by Fiasco & Banzai (who share a common member of Jonathan). Banzai has a blog listed in our friend's section.

We're both doing covers of one of the greatest bands ever, Snuffy (formally known as Snuffleupagus). You must see them live. You will die of amazement.

They also have an album coming out during the summer so be on watch!!

that is about it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

check it...

jeremy krinsley of imposemagazine/effing/human resources came on tour with us to Cornell University & Baltimore & DC & Richmond and filmed all of it.

check it out!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

3 Day Mini-Tour Recap

Day 1. We drive down to baltimore no problem (except for the peeing emergencies), but got to the old talking head club by accident. We learn where the new one is and go to that one, then decide to look around. The best thing we found was a store i think called "Totally Kids" but for some reason on the awning it said "Kids Totally Kids Totally Kids" so we're going to name a song "Kid Totally Kids Totally Kids (3 Kids, 2 Totally's)

The show itself was really fun. we played with and Adventure. Later that night some asshole let their dog shit near the door of the club, so mad people trotted in dog shit. we even got it on the drum rug and had to cut a hole through it. that sucked. But everything else was good.

After another pee emergency we went to Chevy Chase, MD to stay with Jonathan's aunt & uncle. We got up fairly late and went to dc for the day.

Day 2. DC was cool. we got there at like 3 or 4 so it was still somewhat light out. We went to the National Portrait Gallery, looked at some nice presidential portraits then got food. We all ate at this sandwich place and got sandwiches (except for jonathan). The sandwich was good, but the service of the place wasn't very good, plus there were no bathrooms. Then we decided to go to the mall (washington monument, WWII memorial, lincoln memorial) only because it was at night and we knew that everything would be lit up very nicely, and we were not disappointed. Then we actually took the exact same route back to the train from the last time we were in DC.

We came back just in time to go to Comet Pizza. We all had some awesome pizza. For Christmas, my aunt had some extra nerf guns lying around the house for her son to play with, but then decided to give the guns to me, so we had this sweet nerf set. It was like nerf pistols. Only one "bullet" could go in.

it didn't look anything like that. Anyway we had a nerf war in the parking lot. That ruled. We played with Mr. Tiggles & the Beefe Bong Band. They were cool.

After the comet show ended, we were invited to play a house party that was like a 5 minute car ride away from comet pizza, so we did. It was awesome. A drunk frat dude saw us loading our stuff into the house and started talking to us. He was really funny and nice. He explained that he never seen the kind of music we played and he liked it, which was nice to hear. We also hung out with the sweet band Four Fins of the Rocket
Because of Comet Pizza we missed them, but they are the nicest dudes ever. We went back to ol' Chevy Chase to sleep and then to get down to Richmond Virginia.

Day 3: After a fairly short drive to Richmond, we got there around 4 or 5. Julian had a drumstick crisis so he bought some drumsticks at the local sam ash, which was fucking enormous. It was like twice as big as any music store in NY, plus it was right next to a guitar center. We loaded our gear in at The Tripple which is a pool hall/bar/venue. Another thing we totally forgot about is the fact that in other places in the US you can smoke in restaurants & bars, so that was really weird.

check out the triple's sandwich menu.

The Lovely Karen went to college in Richmond so she showed us this really fucking amazing diner called 821. The great thing about it is that it specializes in vegan/vegetarian food, but also everything else. So for example in the burger section you can get like a hamburger, cheeseburger, swiss & mushroom burger, veggie burger, and vegan burger. It's fucking brilliant. Their coffee is also fantastic. They also have this insane burger that is sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. what the fuck? if i didn't eat meat and i was really insanely hungry i think i'd have that.

We then walked around in a neighborhood of richmond that was really empty and the only thing open were bars and a 7-11. There was also a movie theater where movies cost like $2.50. That's insane. That's lower than renting a movie. As soon as we got back to the hotel room, we sort of slept. I applied to NYU, then we had another nerf battle in the parking lot.

Anyway the show later that night was great. It so far had the best turnout, and the coolest guy ever played with us. He goes under the name Gull. He plays guitar with the left hand and drums with the right hand, at the same time. It's so ill. Everyone at the bar and pool section all ran up to see him as soon as he started to play. I have never seen anything like that before. He is also the guitarist in this sweet band Ultra Dolphins .


(he seems to be playing at a water park)

After the show we went back to the hotel (a comfort inn that was right next to the venue), watched that movie role models, then went to bed.

The ride back was really long and tiresome. I don't remember most of it, because i mostly just slept. I think i ate a veggie burger at burger king. I remember waking up in staten island and thinking we were still stuck in traffic in NJ. All in all, it was a very fun mini-tour.