Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey guys,

Sorry we never got to blog from the road! Our internet access was super spotty and we spent most of our internet minutes putting pictures on flickr and gmailing and playing dolphin olympics.

Anyways, now I'll just do 15 tour blogs in one!

Day 1: DC
We pulled into DC and loaded our stuff into Comet Pizza. Comet Pizza really is a fun place to play and this was our third time. Kalani is the promoter there and he rules. We hung out with him for a bit and saw our friends from the Apes and Four Fins of the Rocket. Arrington played first. He did some insane throat-singing stuff. It was mesmerizing and incredible. I figure if I'm ever a king, I'll hire him to play in my palace all day long.
The Homosexuals also played. They're one of our favorite bands, and they played for like an hour! That was really awesome. We also did a little backstage percussion jam with them before they played.

Day 2: Columbus, OH
The Columbus show was crazy! We played in this little bar but everyone there was super into it! We also got to play with Talk Normal, who are really cool, so that was fun. We also went to this party across the street and pretty much just went upstairs and went on their computer. While we were gmailing I'm pretty sure these 2 dudes started having sex in the bathroom next door.

Day 3: Chicago, IL
This show was really small but Chicago is a really nice place. The next morning we went to an awesome music shop called Chicago Music Exchange. We picked up a small guitar part we needed.

Day 4: Lafayette, IN
Lafayette is a really nice town! It looks like a sort of railroad town from the 1800s. We were supposed to play with AIDS Wolf, but they had to cancel because their steering wheel broke. The show was still really fun though! The promoter here is really cool and he took a video at the show:

Day 5: Hot Springs, AR
This town rules! All these crazy bathhouses and museums and stuff. We were supposed to play with AIDS Wolf again here too, but they cancelled again so they could get to Texas in time. Anyways, we played this festival with Monotonix and Talk Normal. Talk Normal ruled and Monotonix are one of my favorite bands after this show!

Days 6, 7, 8, 9: Austin, TX
SXSW ruled! There's too much to remember so I'm not really going to write anything about this, but we played 9 really really fun shows!

Day 10: Houston, TX
Weird show! We played with AIDS Wolf at this huge place called Numbers. It holds I think 1000 people and the stage is like the size of Bowery Ballroom. I don't mean it's the size of the stage at Bowery - I mean it's the size of the whole Bowery Ballroom! Anyways, there were probably like 20 people there. Weird.
The promoter is named Omar and he's super cool! He's the editor of the independent newspaper there and soon he's opening a vegetarian restaurant! We stayed at his friend Tim's house who is really nice and has an ashtray in his bathroom next to his toothbrush.

Day 11: Scott, LA
This was one of the coolest places we visited on tour! The town reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird! All the people were super nice and one woman there made an amazing salad! I also got to hold a gun for the first time ever which was really scary. This gun was like 5 feet long and probably weighed 40 pounds. It was a shotgun and the bullets were in the same room.
We visited this guy Paul's house across the street. He's about 80 years old and lives in an old bank. The vault is his kitchen. He has a crazy art collection and it's one of the most beautiful houses I've ever been in.

Day 12: Tuscaloosa, AL
College town with lots of frat houses. We ran into our friend Dave completely by coincidence! He was there on his tour's day off.

Day 13: Greensboro, NC
We played at the University of North Carolina with HEALTH, one of our favorite bands! They're super nice and it was really fun playing with them. This guy gave me his shirt. It says COLLEGE on the front and has no sleeves.

Day 14: Richmond, VA
We love playing at the Triple! The promoter is really nice here and has an awesome website:!
Before the show we went to a DD/MM/YYYY show. They're one of my new favorite bands and all such nice dudes!!

Day 15: Philadelphia, PA
This was a cool party at the Danger Danger Gallery. Shellshag and Stupid Party also played.
As we were leaving, we found out the car was running low on Coolant so we went to the best auto shop ever! Jeff Sheehan is the guy and he is incredible! If you ever have car trouble in Phili, go there!


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