Monday, July 23, 2012

Fiasco: 2005-2012

Dear beloved Fiasco fans,

All good things must come to end, like the Star Wars trilogy, the Roman Empire, and the Montreal Expos and Fiasco is no exception. We feel that it is time to move on to other projects, especially with the fact that one member has switched coasts and is trying to permanently live there (sorry for the East Coast betrayal). As some of you may know, we are notorious for not getting our shit together. The new t-shirts are still in a basement in Chinatown, and we still haven't released our newest album which was recorded before we all started college (year number 4 coming up by the way). The lack of not having our proverbial "shit" together has cost us momentum. For this reason, "The Front" will be released, as well the rest of our discography, for free on Bandcamp ( in the coming weeks.

We have two shows lined up at Shea Stadium in August (hopefully there will be more; keep an eye out) and who knows, maybe if in the future Lucian is ever back in New York, there will be more shows, but please don't hold your breath for any new music/albums/merch. Think of this summer as the last chance to ever see us (so we can drive up ticket sales HAHA!)

The seven years we were a band were absolutely fantastic. We all feel we've accomplished a lot (two full length albums, two tours, made it to South by Southwest twice (unofficially and officially) and played shows in 3 different countries. It's been a blast, and we'd like to thank each and every one of you especially all the people who gave us opportunities to get our music out to the world. (A full list of "thank yous" is coming soon.)

In the meantime, keep an eye out for announcements on our blogspot/twitter/ whatever the hell social media we started that we forgot about (remember myspace?). Also look out for our other projects/bands (Zulus, Tetsuo, Acid Cum, Old Table, etc)

For the record, we were a noise-pop-math-punk band. Don't you forget it.

-Jonathan, Julian & Lucian

ps. if any of you want to buy our bass half stack, or a giant-ass bass cab for a reasonable price, email us at or keep your eyes on craigslist.



The Best Guy said...

You rat fucks. Ive never used a computer so much. Upload the front. Fuck.

- the best guy

(Do the right thing)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to cry like a bitch. NO. NO NO NO. I never even got to see any of your shows!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUUU ugh. If I run into Lucian here in Cali I'm going to smack him for dskjgfskdf just kidding but DAMN this sucks

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Unknown said...

You ever gonna upload The Front? Just curious cause I check back every few months just to see :)