Saturday, January 17, 2009

Boston/Jamaica Plain

We just woke up in Jamaica Plain, MA after a crazy crazy house show.

After a near 5 hour traffic-filled drive. We pulled up to the house and played. Keep in mind it's also like 5˚ out. Our friends from Allston Paddy & Steve came out so it was really really cool to see them. The house we played at actually looked exactly like the inside of Paddy's place, which was weird, but cool. We met this awesome dude with an insane boston accent, who happened to look like this dude we know. This awesome drunk comedian gave us a little of her routine which was hilarious. We also hung out a little bit with this dude we used to know Shane, who used to be in this band called TV Eye.

Anyway so we played a craazyyy show. There weren't too many people in the basement when we first started to play but as time passed lots more people showed up. But then, once we played war pigs, everyone went totally apeshit. I have never been knocked around at a show like that before. It was insane. After War pigs everybody went CRAZY for every song, was ridiculous. We even did an unplanned encore which is something we've never really done before.

We slept at the promoter Daniell's house and watched a bit of American Pyscho. Actually as i'm typing we're finishing it.

All in all, 'twas a great day. Now we leave for providence, RI

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