Sunday, January 18, 2009

Home/Providence, RI

The drive to providence from boston was really short. Once we got there we hung out with Josh Brown's friend Brian. He lives in this awesome silo-tower thing right next to a giant flea market. We went out quickly to grab some breakfast of chinese food, then came back. He has sweet instruments in his house so we also jammed a lot. Julian and I played this game that was like Risk but only with American wars. You are always america.

We got to RISD and it was freeeezing out. We loaded all of our stuff in and met Jackie, who booked the show. We had a nice quick and easy soundcheck and hung out a little bit with Future Islands & The Long Shadows. We also saw our friend who graduated last year, so that was also cool.

The show was great. There were a fuckload of people there and everybody seemed into it. Later we also ran outside to go to this really tiny diner that's like a staple of providence called the Haven Brothers Diner. It's really fucking small and fantastic. Kind of expensive but worth it. Their coffee is also incredible.

I actually took that photo last time we were there.

a happy customer

After the show we slept at Jackie's friend Liz's house which was awesome. We talked for a long time about my shitty math teacher, graphic designers, computers, and life in general. it was fun.

Today we woke up late because it was snowin' like a motha and then ate at this cool diner called Louis'. They had the best hashbrowns i've ever eaten. After a long sleepy drive we are finally back in new york and i'm going to sleep.


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