Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tour Blog #1: Brooklyn NY

We played our kickoff show at the Market Hotel just now. It was really great! Bat Attack, So So Glos, Pony Pants, The Homosexuals, and Ninjasonik also played. It was really fun and ended really early (like 12) which was nice but then we stuck around for a bit. This drunk girl was taken away in an ambulance at like 2, so that was a bit of a bummer but overall it was a really good kickoff show, everything we could've hoped for pretty much!

Tomorrow we're leaving for Philadelphia at around noon. I think I lost my drum rug so I might go to like Home Depot tomorrow before we leave. Also the snare mechanism on my snare drum sort of broke, but I think I fixed it enough for now.

Sorry there's no pictures yet from tonight's show! The pictures are below!

This show ruled!


Anonymous said...

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