Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tour Blog #5: Providence & AS220

Providence was maad empty. We loaded in and talked to the soundguy, who told us that we can't do covers at all. If a band at AS220 does a cover, they get the power shut off, don't get paid and can never play @ AS220 again. We all checked email and then went out to look around. Mike showed us a cool diner that was literally a trailer. Ian (from bat attack) and I had some veggie burgers, that were probably boca burgers, but they still tasted good. Jonathan's mom Lisa came up also and bought jonathan and I milkshakes from that same place. They ruled. We played a relatively short set (maybe only 20 minutes). it was good. We also met a bunch of people who specifically came to see us, which was awesome and crazy. They we really cool people who offered us to play pool in their house, but we couldn't go because we had to drive up to boston. OH yeah! Our friend Claire happened to be in Providence and she stopped in and said hi. we all freaked out because we haven't seen her in a couple months, and were just totally not expecting it. She said that she'd be in Burlington when we're there also.

As we left for Boston I mooned bat attack. it was awesome


Providence was seriously like a ghost town when we were there, probably just because it's August and colleges aren't in and we played downtown


North Hampton, MA

This guy looks seriously like Jona Bechtolt of YATCH but it's not


Edan and Mike have been doing our merch

DC's subway system is awesome

This is where we slept in DC

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The Music Zombie said...

Edan definitely looks like he's "doing" you merch alright.