Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tour Blog #7: Burlington, VT

burlington is an odd town. Lotsa old hippies. Very beautiful though. We saw a couple nice views of the lake.

With our buyout, everybody except Julian ate in a weird mexican food joint. Since i don't live in LA and am not surrounded by amazing mexican food everyday, i thought it was good, but i'm sure somebody that lives in a state that boarders mexico would think it sucked.

Then we went to this place called QTee's which was an ice cream place. Ian got a sundae in a boston redsox helmet. They didn't have a yankees helmet so i got a san diego padres helmet.

Claire and Mia came! which was really nice. It's really nice to see familiar faces on tour. We chilled out for a bit.

The opening act was a dude named Luke who played snare drum/keyboard/guitar and looped everything. it was really cool.

Bat attack played and they ruled as always. Then this band from Chicago played called Killer Whales played. They were really good. It was pretty cool funky punk with 2 drummers.

There was a really good crowd there which was nice. I honestly didn't expect many people to be there. In fact a couple people came for us, which as always blew our minds.

Maybe this is me being a biased new yorker, but i think that anybody who loves punk or "alternative" music or DIY culture in burlington just goes to any show regardless of the band. There's not much to do in vermont. i guess you can go to the Ben & Jerry's factory though.

After the show we rode our friends bikes (which we haven't done for a week or so) which was really nice. Then we hung out with our new friends Amanda, Will and Olivia. We had some breakfast with Amanda and Olivia the next day too.

All in all, burlington is fucking strange, but cool place.



The Music Zombie said...

You have such a way with words, Lucian.

Lucian said...

why thank you my good man