Monday, August 11, 2008

Tour Blog #4: Lancaster, PA & Springfield, MA

So 2 days ago we had a show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with some really cool bands: Fun Dogs, Hot Guts, and Deerhunter. The venue was this café called Ad Lib that had a mall on top of it and 2 pianos inside that we played on. It didn't serve alcohol, only juice and water. Everyone was really nice there, especially all the guys from Deerhunter, who in addition to playing an amazing set, gave us all t-shirts. We had a nice t-shirt swap. We stayed at an Econo Lodge, and in the morning dropped Edan off in Hoboken, NJ on the way to Massachusetts.
In Springfield we had a show at Mike O'Neil's father's Irish social club. We didn't expect a huge turnout, especially after there was a huge hail/rain storm, but about 100 or so people ended up coming. We played with My My, Bat Attack, Aeroplane, 1929, and American Business Machines. Near the end of the set everyone sang along to "War Pigs" and we finished by all playing drums together. Later, us and a guy from Aeroplane, 1929 had a drum circle, banging on chairs and tables and drums. We ate at a 50's diner and blasted some Screamin' Jay Hawkins before heading over to Mike's parents' house and watching the Olympics.

Tonight we're playing in Rhode Island at AS220!

Rest stop

This is where we played in Springfield, MA

More tagging

We went to a really cool record store in Lancaster, PA

We blasted Lionshare from out car outside the venue in Lancaster

Outside of NY there's a popular gas station called SHEETZ

We found our poster all over Lancaster. this one is in a record store

Our touring crew on the deck of Jonathan's Aunt and Uncle's house outside DC. Edan went home since a couple days after this picture was taken :(

Tagging a bus stop


The Music Zombie said...

Yay! Glad the ice storm didn't slow you down... I want more photos.

Also - thanks for dropping Edan off in Hoboken. Showpaper needed him :P

edan said...

i ran into the dudes in hot guts/fun dogs twice in brooklyn after i got back. and its hasnt even been to whole days.