Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tour Blog #8: Milford, CT & BROOKLYN

Milford was by far the weirdest show on tour. Why? it was 21+

a lot of people actually really liked it alot, but we had no idea anybody was even paying attention to us because everybody seemed to be at the bar. A lot of people were also really mad that we didn't have any music available, just posters and shirts.

Panther and Digital Leather played, and both were really awesome. Panther covered one of our favorite songs by Can.

I ate a veggie delite from subway. it wasn't very good. Mike slept in the car, Jonathan did a lot of coke. no, not really.

That night we decided to drive back to new york. We also decided to drop our shit off at the silent barn. So we came back. It was such a nice feeling coming back. We got into the silent barn and saw some familiar faces which was nice. We actually saw Edan (who came with us for half the tour) and we gave him a ride back, it felt like old times.

The next day we got on the train to go to tha barn, and we played a good show. At one point a press photographer took pictures of us for a magazine (i forget which one) but he happened to start shooting when we had to set up our shit. Everybody running the show was a bit antsy and when we went outside to take photos Edan & Dave yelled at us for standing outside.

It was also the premiere of the video for Oh you horny monster! Our awesome friend Carlos did it, and it ruled so much! We're really proud of carlos and proud of the video. We'll put it up when it's online.

Then we played a fun extremely sweaty show. Steve Yankou of No One & The Somebodies was up the whole time freaking out, which is always awesome. We also decided to crowd surf only our instruments. All in all, really fun show.


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The Music Zombie said...

I can't believe Edan and Dave yelled at you! That's why I hate going to e4e1 shows, those guys are SOOOOO uptight.

No, for realz, stop fucking around on my sidewalk.

It was good to see you all first thing Thursday night too.