Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tour Blog #3: Baltimore and DC

Sorry we didn't blog yesterday! We didn't have any internet.

Anyways, we played a fun show in Baltimore with our new friends Smarts. They're awesome! The dude's bass broke in half halfway through their show. It was a nice small show at this place called Talking Head. We haven't played any shows as small as that one since like 2007, so that was kind of a nice but weird thing.

Then we went to DC. We're staying with Jonathan's aunt and uncle in a town called Chevy Chase which is where all the senators live. We're like 50 feet from John Roberts' house and we're also near Sandra Day O'Connor's house.

We played at Comet Pizza & Ping Pong tonight. The show was amazing! We played with Double Dagger and The Apes, two of our favorite bands. The one bummer was that they took out all the ping pong tables to make room for the show, so we didn't get to play any ping pong. But I think the guys we're staying with in Massachusetts have a ping pong table, so hopefully we'll get some ping pong playing in then.

This afternoon we had some time so we visited like the Lincoln Memorial and those types of places, like the Washington Monument and stuff, which was cool.

Tomorrow we're going to Lancaster PA and playing with Deerhunter!


PS If you want a postcard from us while we're on tour, send us your mailing address! You can email it to if you want!


The Music Zombie said...

Man, I'm so glad you played with SMARTS. They're playing at my house tomorrow! Luke put together the show.

Double Dagger rocked, yes?

Fiasco said...

of course double dagger rocked. They rocked so hard that i blew my eardrums. not really, but they were loud as shit

The Music Zombie said...

Good. I expect nothing less.